Writing Fiction

David wrote the chapter on Plot for Gotham Writers Workshop’s book Writing Fiction. All the chapters expand on the idea that “good writing comes down to craft far more than most people realize,” while also reminding aspiring authors that “rules are made to be broken.” The writing is fresh and full of concrete advice (e.g., “Desire is in the heart of every dimensional character”), and exercises allow students to explore what they have learned.

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“The chapter on plot is encouraging….You’ll learn a lot if you pay attention and put these lessons into practice.”
The Writer Magazine

“This is an excellent starting place for someone exploring the art and craft of writing fiction.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Here is an honest, engaging guide with lessons every writer, at any stage, will benefit from. I read it just after I’d finished writing my second book. Now I’m inspired to begin a third.”
Jhumpa Lahiri, Pulitzer Prize-winning author