David Ebenbach

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People With Mental Illness Aren't Space Aliens

"In this society, we treat mental illness really differently from all other types of illness. We say, 'Be strong, walk it off, just get over it,' which we would never say to somebody who broke their leg, or had the flu, or had cancer. We would say, 'Get medical treatment, get help'—and there IS medical treatment, and there IS help for people with mental illness."

David talks to Fox 5 DC about Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, mental illness, pushing back against stigma, and about his new novel Miss Portland.

Listen to the Orgy

David recently sat down with producer Alfred Schoeninger to record a reading of the title story from his most recent collection The Guy We Didn’t Invite to the Orgy.

Envy Jujitsu

Like it or not, envy is a part of many writers’ lives. In this short essay, David talks about how he turns that envy into something better.

Read it on author N. West Moss’ blog