David on the necessity of failure

“You apparently have to write a very flawed version of a project before you can figure out how to get it right, or you have to write a fatally flawed project before you can figure out how to get something else right. Either way, you have to fail if you want to get there.” David’s latest blog post: “Those Writer Sundays.”

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David’s poem is in the Thrush Poetry Journal!

“Outside/people were at outdoor tables, metal/outdoor chairs, leaning into them like/into cushions.” Check it out: David’s poem “This Happened to Me,” just came out in the September issue of the Thrush Poetry Journal!

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David’s Interviewed in Sweet: A Literary Confection!

“I like David’s work because he writes about talking refrigerators and werewolves and the angst of job interviews—no topic is brushed aside as not being ‘literary’ enough, and therefore the whole weird world is both skewed and made sense of through his words.” Check out this great interview by Katie Riegel, centered around David’s book We Were the People Who Moved!

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“Between Camelots” is on Story366!

“The title ‘Between Camelots,’ by the way, comes from one of Max’s life theories, that his life has been a series of perfect situations—like early Camelot—until someone goes and fucks it up by sleeping with the wrong person—like late Camelot. But he’s always going to find another ideal situation, he’s confident, and at Marianna’s party, he’s simply between Camelots. It’s a great credo for being single, and it’s a great title for a story and a story collection, especially a collection that’s about breaking up, living without someone, searching for the next someone. It’s such a great title and metaphor/theme that I’m jealous of Ebenbach for thinking of it, using it, before I did.” Michael Czyzniejewski explores David’s story “Between Camelots” on the Story366 blog!

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David’s Debut Novel Wins the Orison Fiction Prize!

It’s just been announced that David’s debut novel, Miss Portland, has won the Orison Fiction Prize and will be published by Orison Books in 2017!

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An Award! A New Book!

Folks, it’s just been made official—the University of Massachusetts Press has given the Juniper Award to David’s new collection of short fiction, The Guy We Didn’t Invite to the Orgy and other stories, and they’ll be publishing the collection next year—stay tuned for more details to come!

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David’s going to AWP!

Will you be at the AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) conference in Los Angeles from March 30th to April 2nd? If so, there are a few different ways you can cross paths with David and his work:

First of all, look out for the Small Press Distribution booth in the bookfair; they’ll have copies of his book We Were the People Who Moved available.

Second, David’s going to be on two panels:

Thursday, March 31st, 1:30 pm: Room 510, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level: Visual Arts in Creative Writing, Literature, and Composition Classrooms. (Margaret Luongo, Zackary Hill, David Ebenbach, Jody Bates, Brian Roley) Writers and teachers of poetry, fiction, plays, and screenplays discuss their use of visual arts in creative writing, literature, and composition classrooms. Moving beyond ekphrasis, these educators and writers describe assignments that promote parallel thinking, metacognition, and creative problem-solving via various mediums and games at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Saturday, April 2, 9:00 am: Room 407, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level: Succeed Better: The Many Ways Our Words Can Bear Fruit. (David Ebenbach, Anna McCormally, Margaret Luongo, Dawn Dorland Perry, Amy Gottlieb) Faced with Amazon rankings, bestseller statuses, and zero-sum “top writer” lists, you might think that success is all about numbers—but numbers are the palest measure of what our work can do in the world. The writers and editors on this panel share personal stories about how writing can lead to poignant encounters, salved wounds, changed lives, and empowered people. This conversation broadens the definition of success to encompass the things that mean the most.


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David Says It’s Not Okay to be a Jerkface!

“Artistic geniuses or not: We’re obligated to be decent human beings as well.” David’s latest post is up on The Establishment!

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David Resolves the “Is Poetry Dead?” Question Forever!

Are you tired of articles asking whether poetry is dead? If so, check out David’s blog post, “The Ultimate and Decisive ‘Is Poetry Dead?’ Article,” now up here at the AGNI blog, and you’ll never have to ask the question again!

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David’s poem “The Psychiatrist” is in Stirring!

“My psychiatrist eats the sleep/from the corner of his eye.” David’s poem “The Psychiatrist” is in the latest issue of Stirring—check it out here!

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