Recent Writing

David’s poems, stories, and essays appear regularly in print and online journals. Here you’ll find a small sampling of some of the recent writing available on the web.


“The Match.” Ascent.
“No Shame in Rooms Like That.” The Journal.
“The Vision Quest.”
“Nobody Else Gets to Be Crazy When You’re Being Crazy.” AGNI.
“We’ll Finish When We’re Done.” AGNI.


“What My Father-in-Law Says.” Hayden’s Ferry Review.
“Yard Sale, St. Patrick’s Day.” Solstice Literary Magazine.
“City of Weather.” Thrush Poetry Journal.
“What We Write About When We’re Not Writing Poetry.” Stirring.
“We Were the People Who Moved.” Sweet.

Writing About Writing

“Turquoise Shoes: Short Stories Care About the Little Things.” Glimmer Train Stories.
“The Mansion.” Medium.
“My First Day as a Writer.” The Quivering Pen.
“Plot is an Egg.” The Creative Writing Institute.